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My Projects

Source code available on GitHub


A CLI package manager for managing Spigot Minecraft server plugins.

Some focuses of the project are:

Boomer bot

A Telegram bot that detects boomers using keywords and sends "Ok, Boomer." to the group chat.

Personal site

This website was built using all the knowledge I gained from my mistakes with Digital Nook. I learned the Django framework and further honed my frontend skills to create an accessible, and mobile-friendly portfolio site.

Maze generation and solving

A simple CLI tool for generating maze images and solving them. I challenged myself to not research any maze algorithms before starting this project; The result is not perfect but it sure is creative! This project taught me a lot about working with images in Python using the Pillow library.

Digital Nook

In 2019, I founded digitalnook.net as a way for me to learn about web development. I started off by making some small utilities and JavaScript games for friends and family. This helped me learn a lot about the Flask framework, SQLite, Nginx, and frontend development with HTML, CSS, and JS.

The project has since evolved into a Sydney based Minecraft network that facilitates a small community. I host Survival and Creative servers with 99% uptime, regular backups, and anti-griefing protection. This has given me invaluable experience with various Unix admin skills, such as bash scripting, systemd services, cron, filesystem permissions, automated off-site backups, proxies, and iptables.