Tommy Dougiamas

Computer Science Student

My Projects

Source code available on GitHub


A self-improving AI-based chatbot that is completely platform-agnostic.

Edubot intuitively jumps into conversations to give advice, make jokes, and add to the discussion. It's personality can be completely customised to suit the tone of different rooms.

By simply reacting to messages with a thumbs up/down, users help Edubot collate user feedback. This feedback is then used to fine-tune the bot and improve it's responses in the future.


A CLI package manager for managing Spigot Minecraft server plugins.

Some focuses of the project are:

  • Easy and simple commands (updating all your plugins is as simple as spud update)

  • Strict adherence to Unix conventions, making it easy to use in scripts

  • Descriptive output and actionable error messages

Wordle API

An extendable template for creating Wordle variations and integrating Wordle logic into existing apps.